Switzerland’s varied geography and climate have produced a great wealth of biodiversity and a rich natural heritage. It is estimated that Switzerland is home to around 50,000 species of plants, fungi and animals, of which 3,700 appear on the red list of endangered species. The alpine regions and forests are home to most of these species. Biodiversity has fluctuated considerably over time; it is thought that Switzerland’s biodiversity peaked towards the middle or end of the 19th century before many large mammals were hunted to extinction. While the number of species has risen since then, the development is due to the arrival of non-natives, making certain habitats more uniform and depriving them of their uniqueness. Despite the raft of protective measures that Switzerland has taken, its biodiversity is at risk and its long-term survival is far from guaranteed.

Tech4Nature Switzerland aims to improve wildlife conservation and data management of at least one mountain protected area in Switzerland, measured by benchmarked performance against the IUCN Green List Standard for protected and conserved areas.

With the local Huawei Switzerland office and local project partner, the project will support improved efficiency of wildlife monitoring through artificial intelligence AI, and prototype development and feasibility study for a new wildlife tracking device (self-powered tracking collar)

It also aims to develop a digital tool for measuring climate contributions from protected areas, to be integrated into the IUCN Green List evaluation.

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