The Republic of Mauritius is a tropical small Island Developing State (SIDS) of volcanic origin comprising numerous Islands located in the southwest Indian Ocean. Mauritius comprises a lagoonal area of around 300km2 within an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 1.9km2 and an additional sea area of 396,000km2 jointly managed by Seychelles under the Joint Management Agreement (JMA). Nevertheless, Mauritius has two marine parks with an area of 838 ha and 6 fishing reserves of 6,352 ha. The country is not only known for its rich fauna and flora but also for the fact that a high proportion of them are endemic and occurring nowhere else in the world.

Tech4Nature Mauritius aims to demonstrate, through the appropriate use of technology and digital solutions, active restoration of coral reefs, prevention of conflicting situation with locals, and a fully scientifically managed area, measured by benchmarked performance against the IUCN Green List Standard.

With the local Huawei Mauritius office and our local project partners, Tech4Nature Mauritius will support active reef restoration techniques over the site through scientifically proven methodologies through artificial intelligence AI monitoring, and prototype development and feasibility study.

The project will also promote public participation in active reef restoration, community based discussion and involvement and development of online interactive digital tool for live viewing and sensitisation campaigns

Project Objectives

Support active reef restoration techniques through artificial intelligence AI monitoring, and prototype development

Support the assessment and certification against the IUCN Green List Standard in Pointe aux Feuilles

Public participation in active reef restoration and community based discussion


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