China has exceptional biodiversity, with ecosystems ranging from permanent ice fields to tropical moist forests. It holds 15% of the world’s vertebrate and 12% of its plant species, in about 6% of the Earth’s land surface.

China has a long history of nature conservation through protected areas (PAs) and has established over 11,800 PAs, including nature reserves, forest parks, wetland parks, scenic areas, water parks, etc, accounting for more than 18% of China’s terrestrial territory. However, only less than 800 Chinese PAs are included in the WDPA, with about 90% categorised as V, and a small proportion as Ia, IV and VI.

With the support of the IUCN China country office and Huawei Global, Tech4Nature China aims to improve wildlife conservation and data management of at least two protected areas in China through the appropriate use of technology and digital solutions, and to mobilise protected areas to participate in the Green List, based on good partnerships with Huawei.

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